Newport, NH Rental "Work Space" Available

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Newport, NH Rental Work Space

  • This space that has its own heating system (compressed air is supplied to the room from our shop compressor).
  • 24 ft. wide and 48 ft. long space for projects that need to be done inside.
  • Includes a giant tool box that is fully stocked or renters can bring their own tools.
  • Jacks, jack-stands and a refrigerator are available.
  • Includes a separate service door and a remote for the garage door (14 ft. X 14 ft.).
  • It's the perfect space for hobbyists, race car owners, cabinetmakers, contractors and fleet truck managers working away from their home base and needing to do maintenance. The possibilities are endless.

RATES: $150 a day, $600 a week, $1800 for a month.

For more information call George M. Neuwirt or Email Trusted Rentals LLC.