Newport, NH Rental "Work Booth/Space" Available

Call: 603-763-1319

Newport, NH Rental Work Space

  • This space that has its own heating system (compressed air is supplied to the room from our shop compressor).
  • 24 ft. wide and 48 ft. long space for projects that need to be done inside.
  • Includes electric heat and ventilation, jack stands and work benches, a floor jack and separate air compressor.
  • Wired for welder hook up. You need to bring your own tools.
  • Includes a separate service door and a remote for the garage door (14 ft. X 14 ft.).
  • Available all the time.
  • It's the perfect space for hobbyists, race car owners, cabinetmakers, contractors and fleet truck managers working away from their home base and needing to do maintenance. Great space for winter projects. The possibilities are endless.

RATES: $350/week, $1200 for a month.

For more information call George M. Neuwirt or Email Trusted Rentals LLC.