Automotive Services and Repair Shop

Trusted Rentals garage

We are a full service automotive shop.

LOCATION: 300 John Stark Highway, Newport NH.

PHONE: (603) 763-1319

Shop Automotive Manager: Mike Menard
Equipment Manager: Bob Dunn
Shop Scheduler and Coordinator: Regina Pryor

hours of operationInspections: $40

Labor Rates:

  • Automobiles: $90/hr
  • Heavy Trucks: $100/hr
  • 10 Wheel: $100/hr
  • Tri Axle:  $115/hr
  • Peterbilt: $115/hr

Automotive Services we offer:

  • State Inspection Center
  • Oil changes and basic maintenance
  • Brakes
  • Front end alignments
  • Exhaust work (which includes repairs with our pipe bender)
  • Tire rotation, changing, balancing, patching
    (We offer all the major brands of tires from Discount Tire)
  • Motor and front end work
  • Driveshaft and rear end work
  • Transmission service and diagnosis
  • Trailer hitch installations and wiring
  • Oil undercoats with fluid film
  • Installations of accessories: lift kits, nerf bars, driving lights, step bars etc.

loaner vehicleWe now have a really fun LOANER VEHICLE! Now while your vehicle is being serviced at our shop, you can take our Land Rover for a spin.

And that's not all. We offer shuttle service if folks need a ride to work or pick up. We also have free coffee, popcorn, and a full range of free beverages. We even do agricultural inspections for farm trucks and can work on snow machines.

Newport, NH Automotive Services

custom truck exhaust work

Custom Exhaust Work

delivery truck repair

Delivery Truck Repair

We replaced a gas tank and welded on a new bumper after a "Lumber Barn" delivery truck was hit from behind.

delivery truck repair

Car Exhaust Repair

Gates PC 707 hydraulic hose crimper

We make our own hydraulic hoses in-house with our Gates hydraulic hose crimping machine.

front end alignment services

We do front end alignments with our new machine from Snap-on.

The image below shows a corrected Toyota front end alignment (BEFORE adjustment (RED), AFTER adjustment (GREEN). This is done with our new alignment machine.

car front end alignment machine

Automotive Repairs

This is a fuel pump replacement in Chevy truck, done by taking the bed off.

fuel pump replacement

This is a Total Brake Replacement on a Chevy One-Ton Truck.

auto repair

Agricultural Inspections

We do Agricultural Inspections on Farm Trucks and can do complete rebuilds on snow machines after tree collisions like this one had.

agricultural inspection and snow machine repair