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NEW SERVICE: Mobile NH Eco-friendly Sandblaster

Clemco mobile sandblaster service

This mobile Clemco Sandblaster can handle any task at your New Hampshire site.

  • Eco-friendly - uses recycled eco-conscious material
  • Fast - Saves Time on the job
  • Customizable - gentle blasting abilities for delicate to tough jobs
  • Multiple surfaces can be safely cleaned
  • Metal surfaces are rust-free, chloride-free, and ready for paint
  • Cleans cars, boats, brick, stone, pool surfaces, concrete, metal, wood, composite
  • Also removes graffiti and pavement lines

Our Mobile Sandblasting Services: $250/Hour

CALL: (603) 763-1319

 *** Priced by the job or by the hour (with travel time figured separately). Media may cost extra depending on usage. Jobs can also be quoted individually.

On-site Sandblasting Services

sandblasting equipment

At Trusted Rentals in Newport, N.H., we also offer on-site Sandblasting Services for your custom project. Whether your metal product needs rust removal, cleaning or preparation for a coat of paint, we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to get the job done right. With proper surface preparation, your metal equipment or painted metal piece will be durable and long-lasting.

LOCATION: 300 John Stark Highway, Newport NH.

Our On-site Sandblasting Services: $100/hour

2019 Truck Sandblasting Project

sandblasting truck project 2019

Sandblasted Metal Project

sandblasted metal