Our Services

Besides renting and selling heavy equipment and tools, Trusted Rentals also offers services such as trucking delivery, equipment refurbishing and equipment repair & welding. Our refurbishing and equipment repair shop is located in Newport, NH.

  • Trucking
    We can deliver or remove materials in our 10-wheel dump truck. We can also take stumps, debris, woods dirt and dump it for free at several locations around Sunapee, New Hampshire. We can also haul heavy equipment.
  • Equipment Refurbishing
    We are able to fill requests for equipment purchases. We can look for a piece of equipment at auctions and see if we can get you what you want. We can then purchase the piece, go get it and bring it back to our Newport, NH shop for either a complete makeover or just make sure it is in good operating condition.
  • Welding & Equipment Repairs
    We are proud to offer welding and equipment repair services. Whether it's general welding or fabrication of some specialty item that you need done, please stop by the shop in Newport, NH and discuss it with us.
  • Equipment Painting
    Our team can provide our excellent shop painting services to rejuvenate your equipment and have it looking brand new.

Trusted Rentals LLC
Equipment Refurbishing & Repair Shop
250 North Main Street
Newport NH 03773

George M. Neuwirt
PHONE: (603) 763-1319
EMAIL: TrustedRentals@Comcast.net

Custom Made Truck Rack at our Newport, NH Shop

custom made truck rack