Delivery Price Calculations

DELIVERY HISTORY: When I started the company in 2011, I basically delivered for free. I mean I took the total distance from me to you...subtracted 40 miles and then did the remainder at 3 bucks a mile for the smaller equipment and 4 bucks a mile for the larger equipment...only if you rented for 2 days or more. So I was doing many deliveries for free. For those that got in on the rentals from 2011 for the next 2 years, you had a pretty good deal. Unfortunately with the cost of the fuel, the truck, the insurance and my time, it was certainly something that couldn't continue.

So we have implemented modest charges to the delivery and pick up as it was just impossible to pull that much cost out of the rental fee to cover that nugget. It's not an exact science, though, and I don't want people to not call as they think they live too far away. I am really trying to grow the business so we do all that we can to secure the business and I am very flexible on the delivery charges.

We have delivered to Drakut MA and Portsmouth, NH and we have delivered to St. Johnsbury, VT and Brattleboro, VT. So give me a shot before you decide for yourself that it's not going to work out. I don't lose many rentals if I at least have the opportunity.

  • Delivery price is calculated in the proposal process. Typically it around 3 bucks a mile for the smaller equipment and 4 bucks for the larger equipment, but we also use the time it takes to make a delivery. So this is something that I need to figure and then send you as part of your proposal for which piece you want and for how long. You can Mapquest the distance and get a rough idea though using this distance times the rate per mile formula.
  • It is very difficult on the "One Day Rentals" to give a big break on the delivery charge. I get asked to all the time and the fact is that typically there isn't enough money built into the delivery to make it worthwhile and then it just eats into the cost of the rental... as that needs to cover it.
  • If you are flexible on your rental option, sometimes we can combine it with the pick-up of a piece of equipment that might be near you, saving you some cost. Running the truck and the expenses associated with it are not cheap so whenever we can do this we will. Sometimes we will strand a piece of equipment somewhere in hopes of getting another rental close-by therefore saving delivery and/or pick up expenses.