Reserving Your Rental

Equipment & Tool Rentals

We have tried to make the process of renting equipment through our New Hampshire rental company fairly streamlined and easy. You can select your piece of equipment and see the rental rates up front on the same page.

  • Equipment & Tool Rental Steps
    Follow these 4 steps to rent our equipment and tools.
  • Tool Pick Up
    On the smaller hand tools, we ask that you pick them up at our shop at 300 John Stark Highway, Newport NH.
  • Equipment Delivery Options
    We can deliver our heavy equipment to you. We have 3 Equipment delivery options.
  • Delivery Price Calculations
    Delivery price is calculated in the proposal process. Typically it around 3 bucks a mile for the smaller equipment and 4 bucks for the larger equipment, but we also use the time it takes to make a delivery.
  • Rental Insurance
    The 14% insurance premium that gets charged by Trusted Rentals to each rental is only on the base rate of the machine for the duration that the machine is in your care. It will cover in the event that something happens to the machine through no fault of your own.
  • Breakdowns and Repairs
    We do everything possible to make sure that your rental period will not be interrupted by mechanical breakdowns, but these are machines that are used in harsh environments and sometimes they break.
  • Equipment Rental FAQ
  • Rental Advice
    We will come and look at your construction project, or you can send us a description of what it is that you are trying to do and we can work through it together. If you are renting a smaller piece of equipment, we can help out by giving advice on how to utilize that piece to its potential.

Equipment Delivery Option #1: Peterbilt tractor with 25-ton Towmaster trailer

Rental Equipment Delivery

Equipment Delivery Option #2: Mack dump truck with 20-ton Rogers trailer

Mac Dump Truck with Trailer

Equipment Delivery Option #3: F550 with a 14,000 lb trailer

F550 Truck with Trailer

The gist of the contract we have you sign has to do with damages.

I take pictures of the rental equipment before you take possession of it and expect that it be returned in reasonably the same condition as when you took it - normal wear and tear withstanding. We work very hard here to make sure that every piece of equipment is a FIRST QUALITY PIECE and, the only way that we can ensure that, is by making sure that you are responsible for that equipment while it is in your possession. If you choose to overload, abuse, or overwork a piece of equipment beyond its capacity, you just need to pay for the repairs.

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