Equipment Breakdowns and Repairs

We are realists here at Trusted Rentals and we know that machines are going to break down and at times not work like they are supposed to. We do everything possible on this end to make sure that your rental period will not be interrupted by mechanical breakdowns... but these are machines that are used in harsh environments and they are going to break.

We understand that time is money and, if we are notified soon enough, we can spring into action to get you up and running as soon as possible or substitute another comparable piece of equipment in its place. I make every effort to make sure that if you lose time on your rental, you will be guaranteed more time at the end of your rental to make up for it. However if your machine is broken as a result of your own doing and needs to be fixed on site or you need your machine swapped out for another one, there would be transport fees that would apply and your rental period would not be extended for that reason.

  • Rates for Repairs Done on Site
    I am all about being reasonable and helping you out in getting what you need done so each incident is considered separately and we come to terms on each based on the circumstance. If the repairs can be done on site, then we send a service truck and a mechanic and try that route. The rates are 75.00 an hour from the time the truck leaves the shop till it gets back to the shop. Mileage is also assessed at 2.00 a mile for the use of the service truck... and parts are marked up 15%. If it's not your fault, then you pay nothing. If it your fault, then you are charged based on the terms outlined above.
  • Rates for Repairs Done Back at our Shop
    If the machine needs to be transported back to the shop and repaired because of damage you caused, then the rate of 110.00 and hour for the truck trailer and driver apply and shop rates of 75.00 apply with parts marked up 15%. In addition to this there is a 2% charge on the overall bill for shop supplies, environmental fee for the handling of waste oil, welding supplies, dumpster and the like. If we pick up a machine that has been damaged, but the damage didn't impede your ability to continue work, then we just fix the piece of machinery back at the shop and send you a bill, less the transportation charges, based on the shop rates above. We don't have an issue with's not like we are never going to rent to you if you damage a machine. All we need you to do is pay the reasonable expenses related to getting that machine back to rentable condition like it was prior to being dropped off you for your rental period.
  • Rates for Repairs Done at another Facility
    In the event that a machine is damaged by you beyond our ability to fix the damage in house, then we will transport it to one of several facilities in the area for that to be repaired by them. The actual bill would be marked up 15% and then we would assess the transport on top of that. An example of this type of damage would be certain damage to the tracks or undercarriage or blades, or the boom that would require the use of overhead cranes, any welding on the machine beyond the 1/2 thick that we can do or any work on the engine (like if you put the wrong fuel in it.)

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