Equipment Delivery Options

  • The equipment comes on a 25 ton tilt deck or 25 ton triaxle tag trailer towed by a Peterbilt tractor or Mack dump truck. It can also be hauled on one of our 14k equipment trailers by a 3500 truck.
  • The truck and trailer are about 50 ft. long combined and weigh around 50,000 lbs. combined with the compact equipment on and about 65,000 lbs. with the big excavator on it.

Rental Equipment Delivery

towmaster Trailer and Peterbilt Tractor

Please keep the following equipment rental restrictions in mind when finalizing directions.

  • With delivery, we need a place where we can turn around or drive through. Backing into an intersecting road is also good, but we really hate to use private driveways for fear of homeowner reprisal. (I mean we will if permitted but usually avoid this option if at all possible.)
  • We can't travel across any covered bridges, bridges that aren't rugged enough to carry the weight or underpasses that are lower than 13 feet 4 inches.
  • In the spring, most if not all secondary roads in New Hampshire are posted for 6 ton weight limit.... so if you need a piece of equipment, we will have to drop the piece on a main highway and then you need to walk it to your site. Or you can arrange for secondary transportation from the main highway to your site. Most road agents will let us in in the morning when it's cold but it is the renter's responsibility to contact the proper authorities to make sure we have permission. We will not travel on a posted road without permission.

Trusted Rentals LLC Location:
300 John Stark Highway, Newport NH 03773