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Kobelco 140SR

CAT 308D soldSold for 72K to a contractor in southern NH.

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JLG 600 AJ

CAT Telescoping Forklift sold

Sold for 38K to a contractor in Bow, NH on 10/8/18.

2007 Genie S60

CAT Telescoping Forklift sold

Sold for 37K to an electrical contractor in Northern NH 0n 10/5/18.

CAT 308D

CAT 308D soldSold for 50K to a landscaper in Rhode Island in May of 2018.

CAT 307C

CAT 307C soldSold for 35K to a landscaper in Vermont in May of 2018.

2008 Genie S60

Genie S60 soldSold for 42K to a builder in central NH on 11/27/17.

JLG 600A Lift

JLG 600A articulating lift soldSold for 31K to a home builder in northern NH on 11/29/17.

CAT Telehandler

CAT Telescoping Forklift sold

Sold for 48K to a builder in southern NH on 10/17/17.

2007 Genie S60

2007 Genie S60

Sold for 30K to a roofing contractor in Concord, NH on 8/15/17.

2005 CAT 560

2005 CAT 560

Sold for 47K to a construction company in Londonderry, NH on 8/15/17.

2011 CAT 299C Skid Steer

Kobelco SK115SR soldSold for 44K to a landscaper in Deerfield, NH on 6/5/17.

2007 Kobelco SK115SR

Kobelco SK115SR soldSold for 62K to a private residence in Farmington NH on 4/14/17.

2014 John Deere 333e

JLG 2030 lift soldSold for $54,000 on 3/21/17 to a Nursery in MA.

2009 JLG 2030

JLG 2030 lift soldSold for $6500 on 12/15/16 to a Canvas company in Kingston, NH.

John Deere 329D

John Deere 329D sold Sold for 34K to a Landscaper in Effingham.

John Deere Crawler Loader

CAT 287C soldSold on 11/03/16 for $20,000 to a man in Norwich, VT.

JLG 1930ES

JLG 1930ES soldSold on 10/20/16 for $5500 to canvas company in Kingston, NH.

CAT 287C

CAT 287C soldSold on 10/24/16 for $33,000 to a body shop in Rhode Island.

2008 Genie Lift 2646

Genie lift 2646Sold on 6/24/16 for $8000 to a contractor in Wisconsin.

2015 JLG 2632

JLG 2632 soldSold on 4/20/16 for $9600 to equipment company in New York.

2006 Genie S45 Boom Lift

JLG 600A man lift sold

Sold on 2/16/16 for $27,000 to a farmer in Rochester, NH.

2006 JLG 600A Man Lift

JLG 600A man lift sold

Sold on 12/15/15 for $29,000 to a contractor in Southern, NH.

2006 CAT 311

2006 CAT 311 soldSold on 1/5/15 to Campground in Bristol, NH.

1995 CAT E70

CAT E70 soldSold for $21,000 to a Chemical Company in Keene, NH.

JLG 1930ES Lift

JLG lift sold

Sold on 1/15/16 for $5,500 to truck canvas company in Kingston, NH.

2008 Genie-1930 Lift

Genie lift sold

Sold on 1/28/16 for $8,000 to a mechanical company in Manchester, NH.

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