Welding & Equipment Repairs

Here at Trusted Rentals, we are proud to offer welding and equipment repair services. Listed below are links to examples of the types of services that we provide. There aren't many welding or equipment repair jobs that would be off limits to us.

Welding Rate:  $175 an hour plus materials. Every job is different. Call for an estimate.  PHONE: (603) 763-1319

welding heavy equipment

Whether its general welding or fabrication of some specialty item that you need done, please stop by the shop in Newport, NH and have you give us a shot. We should be able to help at a competitive cost. We cannot weld aluminum or stainless steel. Steel thicker than 1 inch is beyond our capability. Stop by and see Jim or Adam.

If the job is larger, such as refurbishing a piece of equipment that will take some scheduling, we will figure out how long you would be without it. We also have the capability to come get your equipment and transport it. If it's equipment that you need repaired or the periodic maintenance that you need done, we will see to it.

Stop in at our Shop: 300 John Stark Highway, Newport NH.

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