George's Equipment Rental Advice

As the owner of Trusted Rentals, I enjoy working with people. The first company that I started about 15 years ago was George Neuwirt Construction, located in Sunapee, New Hampshire. We started off doing building work and, through the hiring of the right people, got into doing our own excavation and concrete work. So we are fully outfitted to take on a project from its inception right through to the final product.

We have learned a lot about the Excavation and Concrete side of the construction trade and would like to pass this knowledge along to you to help you accomplish your goals.

Equipment renters often call me who don't know what piece of equipment that they need or feel like the project they are trying to tackle might be too big for them. Most are interested in saving money by not hiring out something that they think they can do themselves. The biggest thing that we have learned from the excavation end is that it's not necessarily what you need to get done, but the order in which you do it.

There is a "methodology" to doing excavation. We can help by giving you advice on your project.

We will come and look at your project, or you can send us a description of what you are trying to do and we can work through it together. If you are renting a smaller piece of equipment, we can help out by giving advice on how to utilize that piece to its potential without burning it up. There are many different ways to use a hand tool. The way that you use a tool can make the difference between getting a job done or having to replace the tool because it was overloaded or overworked.

  • For instance, if you are mixing drywall compound in a bucket most people just use a regular 1/2 drill... but the right angle Hole Hawg is a much better tool because it doesn't spin as fast and the motor is built to handle the heavy load.
  • As another example... If you are drilling through cement or rock you could use a regular drill or a much better choice would be a hammer drill which is built specifically for that job. The regular drill might just do it, but the hammer drill is built for that job and you will have much better results with it.

We are here to help! If you let us know about your construction project, we can help you do it safer, with less damage to the equipment, and most often quicker so that the rental equipment or tool duration isn't so long... which SAVES YOU MONEY!

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