Equipment and Tool Rental Steps

STEP 1 - Check Availability

If you are unsure of what piece is what, look at the slideshows on the various equipment and tool rental pages, (including heavy equipment). You can compare machines and see their capacities. Each piece of equipment has a photo of the exact piece that you would be renting (small tools included). After you have selected the piece of equipment you would like to rent, make sure that it is available. On the smaller equipment, we often have multiple pieces so there is usually not a problem with availability.

STEP 2 - Contact Us

Once you have decided what piece of heavy equipment or small tool you want, and you've checked to make sure it's available, you can either email us at or call us at 603-763-1319 to secure the rental. During our conversation, I will want your delivery address. I will get your email address at that point and then email you back a proposal. The proposal will be confirmation of the piece you want and the dates. It will have the base rate for the equipment, the insurance fee and the delivery charges. If you are in Vermont, there will be 6% tax assessed on the entire transaction as Vermont considers the whole transaction amount as "Service."

STEP 3 - Sign Contract

If you agree to the proposal, all you need to do is respond in the affirmative and the booking is yours. At that point, I will send you the contract as a PDF and you can read through it at your leisure and just wait for the date of your reservation to come. The two initials on the heavy equipment contract is to acknowledge the dates of the contract and the second place is to acknowledge that you have called Dig Safe in the event you are renting a digger and that you have received a safety brochure for safe operation.

In a perfect world, you would print out the contract, initial in the two places on the left and sign and print your name at the bottom and hand it to the driver with your method of payment. He will hand you a blank copy of the contract (that he carries with him) for your records that will have the hours on the machine at the time of drop off and the time the machine or piece of equipment was dropped off. He will write the hours and time of delivery on the copy you hand him. That is how we keep track of what needs to be picked up when and what hours you have used when he picks up. The driver will always have 2 hard copies with him so if you can't print out and follow the steps above. We have that base covered and can provide those copies on site at drop off.

Credit Cards: Credit Card payments must be done over the phone or in person at the shop prior to delivery. There will be an additional 4% processing fee added to yoiur total.

STEP 4 - Pick Up Tool or Piece of Equipment (if not delivered)

On the smaller pieces of equipment that you choose to pick up, the contract is basically the same and the process is the same as mentioned above. You can come to my shop at 300 John Stark Highway, Newport NH and pick up what you have arranged to rent. You could pick up the light towers with a pick up, or any of the smaller pieces. I always have a guy there to assist you and you can leave the check and contract with him. I don't mind you picking up any of the equipment and waive the delivery charges as long as you have the appropriate vehicle and trailer to do so.

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