Equipment Rental FAQ

If I rent a piece of heavy equipment for one day, do I get a break on the delivery charge?

It is very difficult on the One Day Rentals to give a big break on the delivery charge. Typically there isn't enough money built into the delivery to make it worthwhile and then it just eats into the cost of the rental. If you are flexible on your rental option, sometimes we can combine it with the pick-up of a piece of equipment that might be near you, saving you some cost.

If I rent the man lift for a week and I lose a day because of rain, can I have that day back at the end of the contract?

The answer is generally no based on a week duration. I cannot control the weather and it is your responsibility to watch the forecast and plan your rental accordingly. If you lose 2-3 days, up to 4 days, then, yes, I will help you out providing that the person that has the machine after you can be accommodating and has a flexible schedule. We have 3 lifts so we should be able to work out just about any problem that you might have. Once again these issues are dealt with on an individual basis and we come to terms with you based on your circumstances and our endeavor here is to not be so ridged and inflexible that you cannot get done what you need to. Most of the other machines have heated cabs with A/C so this really wouldn't apply (only maybe in extreme circumstances and these would be dealt with on an individual basis).

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